July Game Progress: New distraction



This is a bit off topic from gaming but I just need to put this somewhere.  The past couple of days were mentally slow and emotionally draining.  I’ve been completely distracted.  My son was injured, had an MRI and now needs surgery to repair his ACL.  No soccer for him for the next 5 months or longer.  This means he misses out on this years club season and high school.  Sucks too because his club team went Gold.  He also took his high school team to the CIF final last season by scoring the golden goal and was eager to do it again.  That’s just devastating for him.  He’s willing to get surgery right way and is already mentally preparing himself to heal quickly.  What’s totally fucked up is that he had Pectus surgery two years ago and bounced back into high level soccer in a little over four months.  This ACL recovery will take longer! UGH!!

It’s only today that I can get my head around to coding but even so, I’m way too distracted.  So today was polish polish polish with bouts of internet web research on ACL injuries, adding little code tweaks to make the game more “juicy”, messing with the art to add details that no one might ever even see and code optimizations.

My next post will be more fun.  I found an old picture of me in character as Gaspra from the CD-i game Zelda’s Adventure that I might share.

No music today.  Just a bunch of retro gaming podcasts.

July Game Progress


My new HTML5 game will be called “The Bombardment of Gotham Prime”.  I’m now at the point where I just need to add the menu screen and tweak the game play and art.  I’m going to release 1.0 (web version) without sound or music to start.  I’m in the mood to write some original music for this one so that will take a few days extra.  I’m thinking a mix of heavy guitar crossed with Bjork rhythms.

I’ve started working on an Atari 2600 homebrew game based on my game Cowabunga for iOS.  This will be a slow part time process.  I’m going to start with bataribasic and try to move to assembly once I get comfortable with the system. If the game ends up being fun I would eventually like to release it as a cart. We’ll see.  Watch this blog for screens, video and other updates.




May and June Progress Report

May moved from writing my art deco game to a rewrite and release of my iOS game Soccer Kickoff.  I rewrote it as an HTML5 game and created a wrapper for iOS.  The time was split into making a cocoa wrapper to play the HTML5 game in a webview and porting it.  I wanted it to go live on the app store as soon as the World Cup started.  This version of Soccer Kickoff lets you choose from all the team flags that are in the World Cup.  With Soccer Kickoff 4.0 I also changed the was you can unlock new balls.  Instead of trying to guess which ball unlocks what you now just unlock a ball by collecting stars. screen568x568-1 Since it was HTML5 I made a dedicated website for the game at http://soccerkcikoff.us  At the time of this post it has 25 visitors. LOL woot!  So if you’re reading this I’d love it if you would share the link with your friends.  Thanks :) Soccer Kickoff Select Balls HTML5 in iOS isn’t the best.  It’s pretty slow when you want to do something complicated.  Luckily Soccer Kickoff is a very simple game and canvas mode worked just fine for it.  The game does jitter a bit when iAd first kicks in and the first time it plays audio but not enough to for me to be concerned about it. iOS will add WebGL to webview so there is some hope for better performance. Audio playback still sucks in HTML5 even in iOS.  To get around it I used the javascript bridge and called native cocoa function to playback audio.  For so it seems to working great.   June ended up being a washout for game development for me.  Between the World Cup, driving kids to camp and taking care of other shit around the house I had almost no contiguous time to sit, think and code.  Now that the World Cup is winding down and the rhythm of me driving kids everywhere I think July will make up for the time lost in June.

Also, just so everyone is aware, the game was written using the excellent Phaser library.

July will be the release month for the art deco game.  I have a title and should have everything done in about 2 weeks or less.  After that I soooo gotta try and make an Atari 2600 game.

Today’s coding music is randomly jumping between Steve Vai and Joe Satrianni.

Latest Game Progress


May’s HTML5 game progress is happening slowly but it’s happening. The color palette for the game has been decided and I’ve been working on the art.  I’m pretty pleased with the look so far.  I’d like to try and see if I can get the search lights to affect the aircraft sprites color.  I might also try and rotate the search light to random aircraft instead of simply looping back and forth.  We’ll see.  Right now it looks good as is but adding that little polish might be worth it.  Check out my vine for a video of the progress.

On a side note, I finished writing a wrapper for iOS and MacOS to host an HTML5 game.  A killer thing about that to is that I’m able to make native mac screen savers with the wrapper.  You can also see a silly screen saver of an octopus swimming in a sea of fire on my vine as well.  Yeah, I still like screen savers, so what? :P




Latest Game Progress


My HTML5 game for May has been coming along nicely.  In my latest build I have set up collisions with everything.  Falling bombs can knock out other bombs, falling ships can knock out other flying ships, etc…  Next, I’m adding debris when each ship gets hits.  It’ll “explode” outward and as it’s falling and can take out bombs and other ships.  That should add some interesting game play elements.  After that it’s adding the art and then game play tweaking.

The art is still simple place holder shapes and the two shapes at the bottom are place holders for mobile controls.  The mobile controls are working great now.

I took time off working on this game to work on my photography.  I created an image with my son who has Pectus Excavatum based on the ludumdare theme “Beneath the Surface”.  Also, if you haven’t seen it yet check out  my Ludumdare entry Effin’ Rats

Oh, I’m also still considering making a game for lowrezjam.  I really love that idea.  I’m having trouble scaling up on certain browsers which is a pain and makes me want to give up due to the frustration.  I’m gonna give it another few days next week and if I can scale up without anti aliasing I’ll move forward with the game idea.

Been listening to a lot of Lacuna Coil this week.

Ludumdare Game Update


Vote for Effin Rats at Ludumdare here.  My game Effin’ Rats is was completed a couple hours before the Ludumdare 48 deadline last Sunday.  I’m happy enough with this game since I learned P2 physics a lot more and figured out materials.  This was my first participation in a game jam of any kind.  It was very challenging and fun.  Best of all it game me an idea to expand on and complete a full game.  Effin Rats works best on desktop.  Even though it’s playable on mobile the touch events are a bit wanky.  When I complete a port to a full version with a different theme it’ll work across most devices.

I’ll be writing a port mortum this weekend.

Now back to writing my game for May.  OH yeah…, I MUST try to make a game for lowrezjam.  If not for the jam itself but for the simple challenge of the idea.

Don’t forget to vote!.

Ludum Dare Game Progress 9:05pm PST


I’ve settled on a physics game with a “beneath the surface” streets theme.  Here are the quick sketch ideas.  Basically it’s a knock the rats off it’s pipe perch puzzler.  Because I’m still new to Phaser and HTML5/Javascript/TypeScript I’m not sure if I’ll have time to make a level editor.  Only because I don’t know the best way to import a level. I think it’ll be hard coded 5-10 levels.  If the game turns out to be good I’ll make an editor and create 50-100 levels or something.

Creating a Game in 23 Hours

I decided to try Ludum Dare.  Normally I wouldn’t because my son has soccer tournaments and this weekend is National Cup.  He couldn’t play because of an MCL injury so instead of sitting around watching hockey, I’m creating a game, taking my daughter to Michaels and the library, going for walks with my son for physical therapy, cooking lunch and dinner AND finally coding and watching hockey (Go Kings!).

At first I was thinking is not sure a goos idea to participate. I only have about 23 hours left.  I’m starting very late.  I have two ideas with minimal sketches and no code written yet.  Then I thought, hell, it’s like being back a Disney making last minute games for the launch for Disney Daily Blast &  Disney XD where I only had hours from concept to live.

What I’ll be using

  • TypeScript
  • Phaser 2.0.2
  • Visual Studio Web
  • Photoshop
  • Coffee to keep me awake

Starting right now I’ll be posting updates to my @sputnikgames on twitter.  Follow me.  I’ll also be posting a link to the game as it progresses.

Let’s see what happens…



Latest HTML5 Game Progress



I decided to make a simple shooter this time around.  It’ll be mash-up of Sabotage and Missile Command.  I’ll get to my baseball idea someday.  My goals for this game is to use the Phaser way of coding a game.  Meaning, I’ll use Phaser groups instead of rolling my own sprite managers like I usually do.  Let me tell you how great Phaser is… I wrote the basic mechanics of the game you see in the image above in 20 minutes.  All that’s left is some timing logic for the ships and lots of tweaking.  That’s also just production art.  The game should look totally different.

The mobile game will be controlled via a virtual joystick with it’s Y axis constrained and a virtual button to shoot with. I’ve written code to make controlling the rotation of the barrel with gradual velocity or instantly rotate to angle.  I might use one or the other or have it as an option to choose from either.

The desktop version will be controlled by the mouse.  You’ll be able to select if the bullets are guided or not and be able to switch between left and righted handed controls.

Today’s coding music is SIXX:AM, The Neighbourhood, Broods and I’m still on my Queens Of The Stone Age kick.

Finished HTML5 Game April – Ovoid

My April HTML5 game, Ovoid, is done!  You can find it at http://www.sputnikgames.com/ovoid.  It’s free to play on mobile and desktop.  It should also be embedded in this post.

As with most of my HTML5 games this one is designed mainly for mobile devices.  To control the red square on mobile use the green virtual joystick at the bottom of the canvas.

There is a slight difference between desktop and mobile.  For desktop you control the movement of the red square by clicking and dragging the left mouse button and the square will follow.  I’ve also added an extra circle to avoid.  I found the game is too easy with just four circle on desktop.

Notes about the code.  This game was an experiment on writing my own joystick class.  Even though it’s not 100% how I’d want to the joystick code to run, it works so I’m grateful for that.  I also wanted to play with P2 Physics to see if I could create sensor collisions.  The function setPostBroadphaseCallback() worked just fine with some checks.

Seems that Phaser 2.0.2 works a little sluggish with Windows Phone 8.1.  Not sure why.  It looks like the frame rate pulsates and it’s utterly frustrating.  Phaser didn’t have this issue with Windows Phone 8.0.  It does seems to be Phaser games.  I’ve noticed that other non Phaser HTML5 games work smoothly in WP8.1

Next game will either be baseball or a retro art-deco influenced mini shooter.  Depends on what I find easier to draw. :P  I might go back to Run T-Rex Run and polish it up too.

In case you missed it the HTML5 version of Jumpy Penguin is at http://www.sputnikgames.com/jp

Today my music is a mix of stuff from The Cure, Buckethead and Killswitch Engage and others.