Finished HTML5 Game April – Ovoid

My April HTML5 game, Ovoid, is done!  You can find it at  It’s free to play on mobile and desktop.  It should also be embedded in this post.

As with most of my HTML5 games this one is designed mainly for mobile devices.  To control the red square on mobile use the green virtual joystick at the bottom of the canvas.

There is a slight difference between desktop and mobile.  For desktop you control the movement of the red square by clicking and dragging the left mouse button and the square will follow.  I’ve also added an extra circle to avoid.  I found the game is too easy with just four circle on desktop.

Notes about the code.  This game was an experiment on writing my own joystick class.  Even though it’s not 100% how I’d want to the joystick code to run, it works so I’m grateful for that.  I also wanted to play with P2 Physics to see if I could create sensor collisions.  The function setPostBroadphaseCallback() worked just fine with some checks.

Seems that Phaser 2.0.2 works a little sluggish with Windows Phone 8.1.  Not sure why.  It looks like the frame rate pulsates and it’s utterly frustrating.  Phaser didn’t have this issue with Windows Phone 8.0.  It does seems to be Phaser games.  I’ve noticed that other non Phaser HTML5 games work smoothly in WP8.1

Next game will either be baseball or a retro art-deco influenced mini shooter.  Depends on what I find easier to draw. :P  I might go back to Run T-Rex Run and polish it up too.

In case you missed it the HTML5 version of Jumpy Penguin is at

Today my music is a mix of stuff from The Cure, Buckethead and Killswitch Engage and others.


Latest Javascript Game Progress – Ovoid

Ovoid HTML5 Game

April’s HTML5 game is called Ovoid.  It’s a fun little avoid the objects game.  This javascript game is a study on virtual joysticks, collision detection based on P2 using setPostBroadphaseCallback() and sound effects.

Basic game template is complete and the game engine is done.  Just need to polish this one up a bit more with sound effects and it’ll be ready to go.

Latest Javascript Game Progress – Run T-Rex Run

pixel-t-rex-game-icon-mark-andradeRun T-Rex Run is done!  You can temporally find it at until I get a new site up and running.  It should also be embedded in this post.  Not sure how embedding is going to work on mobile in this post but it’s worth checking out.

I’m going to write a small postmortem on this game in the next few days so stay tuned.

Todays coding music is one of favorite artists - PJ Harvey.

Latest JavaScript Game Progress – ‘Run T-Rex Run’

Run T-Rex Run is just about done.  I have to tackle a few move javascript and css issues and I’ll be able to post it.  Since Phaser 2.0.1 and my maddening need to know,  I changed physics engines again and this time I settled on using P2 physics engine for collision detection.   I just need it to check for circle to circle collision and Phaser P2 has a great function that made my life so much simpler.

T-Rex Art Game #2 Update

pixel-t-rex-game-icon-mark-andradeTakes forever for me to do anything art wise in games but I finally got the main character and the majority of game sprites done.  When I animate the T-Rex in Phaser I noticed that I needed at least a 2 pixel padding between frames.  That was an hour of pulling my hair out trying to figure out why my animations were not working properly.

I keep flip flopping from Phaser 1.6 and 2.0.  This has to do with collision detection.  I want to use P2 in Phaser 2.0 because it has circle collision as opposed to the arcade physics in Phaser which has rects.  So far I’ve settled with the Arcade collision detection since the game is super simple.  I’ll stick with it but I’ll most likely try and see if the Phaser 2.0.1 has improved things just because I have this weird need to know. :P

With this post I’m trying to see if it’ll post on Twitter, Tumblr and Google+.   If you see multiple versions of the same post on a service…oops.  I’ll be sorting out the issue this week.

Today I’m listening to a lot of Queens of the Stone Age and I mean a lot.  The guitar tones…OMFG!

Game #2 – March Game Update

My first thought was to make a simple, one-touch, baseball game.  That quickly faded when my son came up to me with a new game idea yet again. ( He helped me come with Hoppy Penguin BTW ).   Though his idea was not flushed out I made a prototype in a few hours.  Ok, actually two days really.  The reason it took two days instead of a few hours was because I started to use Phaser 2.0.  I ended up struggling with trying to get around a lot of bugs that I reverted to Phaser 1.6.  Once I started up again with Phaser 1.6 things moved along quickly.  Anyway, the prototype was just ok.  So we sat down and brain stormed a bit until we came up with something thats too much fun.

I opted to start in Javascript instead of TypeScript this time.  I figure I’d better get a hold of writing in javascript and not just rely on TypeScript. I’m also trying to use NetBeans instead of Visual Studio Web.  My MacBook running Windows 8 runs a bit weird so for the time being I’m running under MacOS.  Now that club soccer tournament season is starting I’ll be on the road a lot.  When I’m at home I use my Windows 8 desktop and Visual Studio Web.

Today coding music is the great Janelle Monáe.  Saw her on Later with Jools Holland.  Just great!

Next post, a sneak peak at the art… stay tuned.

Is it Possible to Code One Game a Month?


One game, in 30 days or less for the next 12 months.  That’s my goal and I have no idea if I can even do it.  I sure as hell am gonna try though and this is how I’m gonna approach it.

How do I personally reach this goal?  Well, back when I was at Disney Online we were small group of programmers that used to plug out games almost on a weekly basis.  Some were good, some bad and some were simply re-skins of existing games.  The main tools were Director Shockwave and Java.  I was the Director guy.  Man, let me tell you, I had that app down.  I could easily prototype a game in Lingo in hours and then spend the rest of the time working on polishing it up.  But those days are gone and Director, though still alive and able to publish to iOS still needs some work before I can consider it a tool that will hopeful, once again, work for me.

So what do I use to code then?  Since Lingo, I haven’t found a language that I truly enjoyed.  ActionScript 3 came damn close but it took too long to mature from AS1 and AS2.  By the time it did I moved on.  I tried and for awhile loved Cocos2D.   In fact most of my games are written using Cocos2D.  Cocos2d is a fantastic library.  I wish I had it in the early 2000′s.  Since Apple release SpriteKit I’ve been using that lately and converting my games to SpriteKit.  It’s very good but it needs a little work still.  I’m not interested in any other tools like Unity or Corona.

I’m heavily leaning toward HTML5 using Phaser and TypeScript for games that will be published on the web, Android and Windows Phone.  For iOS I think I’ll still use xCode and cocoa with SpriteKit unless I can find a simple way to wrap HTML5 code as an app. I know about PhoneGap and haven’t given it a decent trial yet so we’ll see.  The plan is to write the first game in Cocoa and port it to TypeScript.  The second game will be the reversed; code in TypeScript first then convert to Cocoa SpriteKit if I even need to.

How do I know what game to code?  Well, I made a list!  It consists of 27 game ideas with 11 games that I plan on writing.  Although I might remove one because a very similar game was just published on the App Store. Bummer.  My son is pissed too.  He though it was a great idea.

My first game for this challenge is Hoppy the Penguin (formally Jumpy Penguin).  I wanted to see how fast I could write a game and publish it before I committed to the 12 month challenge. It was first written in cocoa using SpriteKit and then ported to TypeScript and published to Windows Phone 8 in just a couple of days.  I still need to find a path to Android.  I’m thinking Intel’s XDK might be the way to go. I didn’t even know of Intel’s efforts until I stumbled on it by searching for tools using Bing!   Seriously, it’s buried in the search results or I suck at searching.

My Achilles’s heal is art.  It takes way to long for me to do anything for games.  I’d love to hire an artist on a per project basis but it’s difficult for me to find one.  So, if you’re an artist and want to make games in different styles; pixel art, hand drawn, vector art, cutouts, etc ping me via the contact form or via Twitter at @MarkAndrade

Subscribe to my rss feed to follow my progress.  This should be a interesting ride.